Mlynář walking circuits

Mlynářova naučná stezka

The Mlynář circuits are generally easy walks through Špindlerův Mlýn. They are away from the road through quiet parts of the countryside, with some beautiful panoramic views. All 3 routes begin in the town park on the right bank of the Elbe, opposite the Savoy hotel.


Mlynářova educational trail  


Circuit length 1.1 km, green markers



This circuit is intended for families with children; due to the terrain and the ascent up to the Vyhlídka na Skále viewpoint, it is not suitable for pushchairs or during the winter.



From the starting point head towards the Labužník restaurant, then cross the road using the covered footbridge after the Labužník. Almost opposite take the path to the Vyhlídka na Skále viewpoint past the rest area and the basalt pillars known as Sun Stones as far as the Alexandrie apartment building. There is a legend associated with the stones, about the death of the beloved horse of a high-ranking officer of the Austro-Hungarian Empire while he was staying in Špindlerův Mlýn. The officer had the horse buried there and set up this memorial to mark the spot. It supposedly dates back to around 1918. Another legend has it that touching the stones replenishes energy.
From the Alexandrie apartment building take the panel road to the signpost by the Windsor hotel. The panel road leads to the square in the centre; the road running down on the left goes to the Municipal Office building, where you can visit the town Tourist Information Centre for information about places of interest or to plan other trips in the town or the surrounding area, or simply to choose a souvenir. The walk then continues to the white arched bridge over the Elbe, which is part of the pedestrian zone, and through the park back to the starting point.



Mlynář's circle


Circuit length 2.8 km, red markers



In summer the circuit is also suitable for pushchairs; it can be hiked at any time of the year.



From the park head to the white arched bridge over the Elbe, which is part of the pedestrian zone. The bridge was built in 1911 and links the centre of town with Bedřichov. Cross the bridge and go past the Lomnice hotel, the Skol Max building (an operator of summer and winter activities), over the bridge past Česká hospoda and follow the stream up to the Špindlerův Mlýn Ski Resort. On the right-hand side in the forest we can see a fragment of the flume which powered the hydroelectric plant, now the Česká hospoda. Before this go left up the slight hill over the road and then take the path through the forest to Villa Czernin. This was built by Count Czernin in 1894 as a hunting chalet. In 2000-2004 it was refurbished and converted into a luxury guesthouse following the original design. Villa Czernin is the oldest historical monument in Špindlerův Mlýn; lauded by architects and art lovers, its wonderful location makes it unique and it has rightly come to be known as the “jewel” of Špindlerův Mlýn.

Mlynářova naučná stezka


Continue on to the signpost, then take the steeper path on the right up past one of the Špindlerův Mlýn Elementary School buildings. The other building is on the right-hand side, further up past the little chapel. The first lessons for children in Špindlerův Mlýn itself began in September 1935, meaning the school is now more than 75 years old. At the top of the hill we are faced with a round wooden building - Biskupská vyhlídka viewpoint. This is a pleasant spot to take a rest and enjoy the view; there is a sign showing the peaks that surround Špindlerův Mlýn. Head down on the right along the road and turn left past the Palace hotel, which was used in the famous Czech film Homolka a Tobolka. Situated next to the hotel is one of the town’s landmarks, St. Peter’s Church.

This large brick church was consecrated in 1807 and has been preserved to this day with no major alterations. It is open every day, but to safeguard the monument the interior can only be viewed through a grille from the rear of the nave. The main part of the church is always open for services. Continue right from the church as far as the crossroads, head towards the Windsor hotel, then go down on the right to the square. Go past Špindlerovská hospoda, which is roughly where the miller Špindler’s mill was built, from which the town takes its name - see the short text on the wooden board by the mill-wheel.    

Mlynář's hike 


Circuit length 2.8 km, blue markers

Mlynářova naučná stezka



This route is not suitable in winter; buggies are recommended. The circuit is intended for families with children; due to the terrain and the ascent up to the Vyhlídka na Skále viewpoint, it is not suitable for pushchairs.



From the starting point in the municipal park head towards the Labužník restaurant; the covered footbridge is on your right-hand side. The asphalt road you’re on is used by pedestrians as well as cyclists, families with pushchairs and in-line skaters, so count on it being busy during the season. After the bend there is a large adrenaline park, the Yellow Point scooter hire and a children’s wooden castle.



Continue along the asphalt road to the Medvědín cable car, which is the starting point for ridge hikes towards the Labská bouda chalet, the Source of the Elbe, Kotel, Dvoračky and on as far as Rokytnice and Harrachov. Pass the Elbe on the right-hand side, where it runs down a narrow stony canyon. Keep an eye out on the left as there’s a footpath you need to turn onto. Go under the cable car supports across the ski slope and through the small wood. On the right-hand side before joining the road you can see the Bobsled track and Monkey park. Down on the right pass the Montana hotel and Krakonošova Krčma (Giant’s Tavern), visited by the lord of the mountains, Krakonoš himself, of an evening. On the left below the tavern leave the road and take the pleasant forest path to the crossroads and then to the covered footbridge over the river Elbe. You can head downstream along either side of the Elbe back to the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn.