Mountain Rescue Service


The Czech Mountain Rescue Service organises and carries out rescues and search parties, and provides first aid and transport for people injured in the mountains. It creates conditions assuring the safety of visitors to the mountains, runs the Mountain Rescue Service rescue and reporting stations, and installs and maintains warning and information notices and equipment. It is involved in the publication and promotion of preventive safety materials, keeps the public informed about the weather and snow conditions in the mountains and Mountain Rescue Service precautions to assure safety in the mountains, and also collaborates with public authorities, particularly nature and environmental protection bodies. It also monitors accident rates and analyses the causes of accidents in the mountains, proposes and recommends measures to reduce this number, patrols the ridges and ski slopes, and provides an emergency service in Mountain Rescue Service stations and buildings. It monitors for signs of avalanches, prepares and trains its professional and volunteer members and cadets, and works with other rescue organisations at home and abroad.


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Dům Horské Služby
Špindlerův Mlýn 260 
543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn

Tel.: +420 499 433 230 (239)

Chief of HS Krkonoše:
Pavel Jirsa