Adventure Park


The challenge, adrenaline and pushing your own boundaries are the main factors here. Obstacles based on courage, the ability to overcome oneself and the need for teamwork.
The Rope Adventure Park is situated almost in the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn, on the way to the cable car to Medvědín. The Adventure Park is a group of several different rope structures and obstacles up to a height of approx. 18 m above the ground.
Giant swing – try the sensation of weightlessness and intoxicating overload on one of the highest swings in Europe.
Jacob’s Ladder – teamwork in pairs or threes is essential here, as you can’t get to the top without it. Belays provided by team members or our trained instructors.
Vertical net with a beam – cross the beam suspended 13 metres above the ground with no other supports – this is a real challenge.
Bungee trampoline – try out various acrobatics, with no risk of falling.


Tel.: +420 731 160 152